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Our office is located at 1805 Burlington Beach Road just west of Calumet Avenue on the north side of Burlington Beach Road (next door to the Family Express Station). CLICK HERE to view a location map. CLICK HERE to view a listing of our BOARD MEMBERS and VLACD boundaries.

Phone: (219) 464-3770
Open: Monday - Friday
Hours: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Valparaiso Lakes Area Conservancy District is located north of Valparaiso, Indiana. It's primary job is the protection and conservation of the lakes and waterways located throughout the district. CLICK HERE to find out more....
Customer Service
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Welcome to the Official Website of the Valparaiso Lakes Area Conservancy District.

The Flint Area has been a resort area for Valparaiso and environs for over one hundred years. The Valparaiso Lakes Area Conservancy District, or VLACD, was established in 1975 primarily to purchase and maintain the small water utility in that area that was on the verge of bankruptcy. Today, VLACD's services include providing water supply, providing collection and disposal of sewage produced within the district, improving drainage, preventing the loss of topsoil from injurious water erosion,and flood control and prevention.

Contact us at (219) 464-3770 with your questions or concerns.

For utility and environmental emergencies , dial (219) 548-6254 and leave your return phone number.

Our Mission Statement states: "VLACD is dedicated to providing quality water and sewer services while enhancing the environment".


American Water Works Association (AWWA)


Indiana Section-American Water Works Association (INAWWA)


Indiana Rural Water Association (IRWA)

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The next VLACD Board Meeting is Wednesday, April 16 @ 6:00 pm at 1805 Burlington Beach Road in Valparaiso. CLICK HERE for the current agenda.


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